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Water Tank Cleaning

We clean your domestic or farm water storage tank.

Our specialist equipment efficiently removes sludge from your tank, and cleans your tank of bacteria carrying sediment, leaf litter, insects, pollen, birds, and vermin.

Why is water tank cleaning essential?

Water tanks can become seriously polluted and a breeding ground for potentially dangerous bacteria. It makes sense to regularly check the "health" of your water.

Domestic water tanks should be inspected regularly and cleaned when necessary. This will ensure it is safe for use.

The Ministry of Health recommends annual tank cleaning

Cold water storage tanks are a common source of nutrients for biofilm and bacteria, including Legionella and E.coli.

Over time a dirty tank can develop rust, sediment, and silt; unchecked tanks can become contaminated with organic matter such as leaves and small animals.

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What happens for a tank clean?

We can drain the tank and thoroughly clean the interior floor and walls using a soft wash technique.

Soft washing removes the dirt without damaging the water tank, and vacuuming removes sludge from the bottom of the tank.

This leaves the tank clean, ready to be refilled with clean water at your convenience.

A newly cleaned tank won't take long to get contaminated, from a dirty roof supply, cause the tank can act as a catchment area for debris, causing it to harbour nutrients and bacteria.

We recommend a roof wash and gutter clean to ensure clean water is entering the tank.

We do not recommend 'quick-filtering' water tanks, which is a system of filtering the existing water without thoroughly cleaning the interior of the tank. This is because a wide range of pathogens can cling to the inside of a water tank on layers of algae and biofilm.

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